Pride & Prejudice

Jane Austen

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In Top 100 Best Novels
Over 20 millions copies sold
Translated in 25 languages

When Elisabeth Bennet meets the handsome Mr. Darcy she thinks he is the last man on earth she could marry.

But as their lives intertwine in an unexpected adventure, she finds herself captivated by the very person she has sworn to hate for eternity.

A beautiful love story that shines with romance, sophistication and emotional strength.

“A novel that makes you believe in true love.” — New York Times

“A masterpiece! From the first page to the last.” — Los Angeles Times

“Jane Austen’s wisdom is matched by the perfection of her taste.” — Virginia Woolf


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Limba: Engleză
Pagini: 384
Apariția: 2023
Coperta: Copertă moale
ISBN: 978-9975-77-412-3