Where to Go When: Italy. Foreword by Theo Randall

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Where to Go When: Italy. Foreword by Theo Randall
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Where To Go When: Italy offers a beautifully illustrated tour of Italy, unearthing the best of every region month by month. Whether you're looking for a fun family holiday or a cultural weekend in the city, "Where To Go When: Italy" suggests suitable locations and the best month of the year to visit each one. Written by knowledgeable travel writers with a passion for Italy, this book combines inspirational information with truly sumptuous photography to bring each destination to life. It ensures something for everybody. Whether you fancy visiting the Venice Carnival or enjoying a relaxing week in Sardinia, "Where To Go When: Italy's" advice on local transport, hotel and restaurant options will inspire your ideal getaway. This is the perfect inspirational book for anyone who loves Italy, whether you'd like a weekend break, a longer holiday or to seek out the hidden gems of this gorgeous country.

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Limba: Engleză
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Pagini: 336
Editura: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
Apariția: 2010
ISBN: 9781405348812
Dimensiuni: 1.1 x 8.8 x 10.4 inches
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