The Shadow of the Sun (Penguin Celebrations)

The Shadow of the Sun (Penguin Celebrations)
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Book Description

For all his his vivid prose and artistic control of story elements, Kapucinski is a scholarly observer, a man who sees through the deep ice, seemingly an anthropologist refitted as a journalist--his eye is uncanny, his descriptive powers precise and powerful, and his range of experiences and depth of understanding makes this a uniquely valuable tutorial. He writes with clarity and fresh insight on familiar topics like Amin, Sudan, and the Rwanda genocide--his "lecture" on the events of 1994 is one of the book's many highpoints--but also on the sensations, struggles, and states of being that accompany the simple act of living in so challenging an array of environments as Africa's geography provides.

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Detaliile Produsului

Titlu Original: The Shadow of the Sun
Titlu în Traducere: N/A
Limba: Engleză
Coperta: Copertă moale
Pagini: 336
Editura: Penguin
Apariția: 2007
ISBN: 9780141035321
Dimensiuni: 7.7 x 5 x 0.9 cm
Greutatea: 0.3000