The Great Encyclopedia Of Bessarabian Jews

The Great Encyclopedia Of Bessarabian Jews

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   The book is about people who have their roots in Bessarabia and who have felt the wind of change. Some families left to save themselves, and other families left to fulfill a dream. The former Bessarabia no longer exists, but it is not a reason to stop looking for our true self, to study who our ancestors and distant relatives are, or the culture in which our ancestors grew up. Knowing the family tree helps the self-identification of the next generation, and it is very important for children to find among their ancestors some “heroes” - people who had the courage to fight and change the world for the better, whether through art, science, social action, historical decisions, or the continuous education of future generations. The side numbers (1,2,3) represent how many generations are.
    Those with No. 1 lived on the territory of the country, those with No. 2 have parents who lived in Bessarabia, and those who have No. 3 respectively have grandparents who are from Bessarabia. Bessarabian Jews live practically on all continents. The period of emigration is much earlier than intuition tells us.
    Such practices as crossing the oceans date back to the late 19th century. The important thing is that the descendants keep the memory of their ancestors alive. Knowing people who have a similar past helps us understand some natural law, which forms the course of history. Thus, we have the opportunity to pass them on to future generations, as they also seek wisdom. The parents have their journey of life, and their children have a different path, but it is very important to obtain a larger understanding than our parents. In the Bible it is said that we will never envy our children and for these reasons we want to give them the best. In this book we hope there will be enough confirmation regarding the family roots, human communities, professional communities and the correlation between people within a state.
    The book is not a list of personalities, but an encyclopedia of biographies. If someone is not included, this may mean that the author of the book did not manager to find out about their biography. Our database is large, but we are sure it is not complete. The periods of emigration coincided with the periods of change in the history of Bessarabia. When filling in the immigration's forms, many of the native families wrote instead of Bessarabia, either Russia or Romania and each time they were right. So let’s consider this book to be one of the largest encyclopedias in existence, with biographies structured in a single language and leave the door open for an increase of new supporting data for the next volume.

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