The Coven (Sweep, No. 2)

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The Coven (Sweep, No. 2)
125,00 MDL (29,26 RON)

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Morgan has discovered she is a blood witch - that means the people she thought were her parents and her sister are not related to her, that she was adopted. She confronts her parents who reluctantly admit the adoption. Morgan is determined to find out more about her birth parents but her family try to stop her - why don't they want her to know the truth? Morgan's story is intersperced with extracts from her blood mother's Book of Shadows (a witch's book of personal spells, etc.). At the end Morgan finds her mother's Book of Shadows in her boyfriend's mother's private library.

Detaliile Produsului

Limba: Engleză
Coperta: Copertă moale
Pagini: 192
Editura: Puffin Books
Apariția: 2003
ISBN: 9780141314013
Dimensiuni: 5 x 7.8 inches
Greutatea: 0.4700