Test Your English. For the 8th Form

Test Your English. For the 8th Form
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Test Your English is a practical course, designed for pupils who have received prior knowledge of English as a foreign language in schools. It is intended for classroom or individual use by nonnative speakers of English who are on intermediate level in their studies of the language. The chapters cover the vast majority of language problems that arise in learning of the material.

The difficulty of the material varies. The book represents a collection of teaching aids to be used while teaching English. Although the number of these exercises is merely a drop in an endless ocean, they may be taken as an illustrative sample each of us may start from and teachers can feel free to add any updated material which is available to any of the chapters.

Test Your English course, undoubtedly, addresses the needs of all pupils who are interested in acquiring top performance and competence. This book is structured in 3 chapters, each meant to test the capacity of high school pupils to discern between right and wrong in a wide range of sections of English, be its grammar, vocabulary, spelling, speaking or writing.

The chapters, the order of which reflects a certain gradation in difficulty, focus - each in their tura - on a selected type of exercise as follows:

I.Tests for the 8th form

• combining vocabulary, spelling and grammar activities, aimed at systematic practice of the studied material;

II.Supplementary reading

• enriching pupils' knowledge by reading cognitive texts;

III.Conversational topics

• developing pupils' speaking skills;

There are many ways in which this course can be used:

- in class with the teacher. Pupils might accomplish the tasks both orally and in written, working either in groups, pairs or individually. Additional exercise book is required for accomplishing a certain number of tasks.

- after class. The ""write-in" activities represent an ideal opportunity to practice consolidation of the studied material at home.

We hope the book will be helpful for both teachers and pupils as well as for all those who need to refresh their English language skills..-- Author

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