Northern Lights

Northern Lights
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Book Description

Nate Burke, a Baltimore police detective, blamed himself for the death of his partner in a shootout, and the resulting anger and grief sent him into a depression so dark and deep he thought he would never climb back out. Then Nate decides to accept the position of police chief in the small town of Lunacy, Alaska, and it seems as if life is giving him one more chance. Things are certainly different in Lunacy, and Nate begins to enjoy his encounters with the town's colorful inhabitants, especially bush pilot Meg Galloway.

The unexpected romance that slowly develops between Nate and Meg becomes quite complicated, however, when the body of Meg's father, who disappeared in 1988, is found in an ice cave, and Nate has to try to keep his new love safe from a cold-blooded murderer who is willing to kill again to keep old secrets safely buried. RITA Award-winning and New York Times best-selling Roberts beautifully captures the rugged splendor of Alaska, and her cast of uniquely endearing secondary characters adds just the right touch of quirky humor to her splendidly entertaining, sexy, and suspenseful romance about two tough yet vulnerable people.

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Detaliile Produsului

Titlu Original: Northern Lights
Titlu în Traducere: N/A
Limba: Engleză
Coperta: Copertă moale
Pagini: 496
Editura: Penguin
Apariția: 2005
ISBN: 9780515140248
Dimensiuni: 6.6 x 4.2 x 1.4 cm
Greutatea: 0.3000