My Profession Tailor-Made Ten steps to a fulfilling professional life

Mario Brühlmann

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This book shows:
How to be happy and successful in your job. How to choose the right profession.
How to prepare for a fulfilling professional life. How to develop professionally.
How to stand out from the rest at work.
How to develop passion for your profession. How to overcome your own limitations.
How to successfully apply for a job.
How to use the right conversational tone.
How to learn something new in every situation. How to build up resilience.
How to build and maintain relationships.
How to enjoy success.

With an introduction by Gallus Tannheimer, CEO of COM International.

Mario Brühlmann born in 1951, is an internationally operating management consultant, trainer of executive personnel and mentor.
In 2009 he founded Swiss Create, the non-profit department of Swiss Consulting Group SCG AG. He specializes in providing development concepts for small and medium sized businesses, in particular in emerging and developing nations, with the goal of creating and maintaining jobs.

My Profession Tailor-Made
Ten steps
to a fulfilling professional life

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Limba: Română
Pagini: 177
Apariția: 2023
Coperta: Copertă moale
Dimensiuni: 13 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-9975-34-897-3