In the Womb

In the Womb

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Combining incredibly detailed images with uplifting, informative text, In the Womb is a week-by-week chronicle of the mysterious, magical progress from embryo to fetus to full-term infant. Based on National Geographic's acclaimed television program, this is the perfect gift for expectant parents and a fascinating perspective for anyone captivated by the miracle of life.


Imagine being able to observe a child's delicate features as they evolve over the course of a pregnancy, or witness the complex behavior of new human life in utero. Now we can, thanks to the advent of innovative 3-D and 4-D imaging technologies which provide a powerful diagnostic tool for doctors and cast vivid light on our earliest development.


Each spread features a central image and information about that particular stage as well as brief commentary explaining what we know and how we know it. For example, at 24 weeks we watch a fetus open and close her eyes, display facial expressions resembling a grimace and a frown, and stick out her tongue (no one has yet established exactly why). And during the last trimester, we learn, she experiences REM sleep and can hear loud noises through the fluids of her mother's body—a first hint of the world that awaits outside the womb.

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