Fodor's Rome. 6th Edition (Fodor's Gold Guides)

Fodor's Rome. 6th Edition (Fodor's Gold Guides)

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Rome is one of Europe's most resplendent cities, so it is no wonder that Fodor's selected it to be published in full color. The Eternal City now shines with newly unleashed vitality, and here to reveal it all is Fodor's Rome 2008---packed with photos that vividly capture the whole scenic festa Italiana. 

● An all-new, illustrated, "Experience Rome" chapter is loaded with valuable advice, including tips on exploring Rome like a local and getting the most for your money

● In-focus features use graphics and photos to cover Rome's top sights, including "Heaven's Above: The Sistine Ceiling" and "Campo dei Fiori: 24 Hours in the Life of a Roman Square" 

● Expanded coverage of the "new Rome"---the hot locales and avant-garde sites popping up are proof that Romans are switching gears into the fast lane, along with maintaining their incredible heritage

● "Roaming Holiday" is Fodor's first step-by-step chapter, immersing the reader through three especially evocative stretches of the city 

● A revamped dining chapter provides a sampling of Rome's culinary flavors through detailed portraits of the neighborhood restaurant scene

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Apariția: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-4000-1586-3
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