The Black Blook of Public Money Waste in Moldova 2021 [eBook]

Victor Moșneag, Iurie Sanduţa, Victoria Borodin, Ion Preașcă, Tatiana Djamanov, Lilia Zaharia, Viorica Zaharia, Piotr Garciu, Mariana Colun

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THE BLACK BLOOK OF PUBLIC MONEY WASTE is in its third edition. This project is implemented in partnership with the Association of Independent Press (API) and has become a hallmark of our activities in the Republic of Moldova inviting all stakeholders to work together to achieve a more transparent and accountable state for its citizens and their resources. For years, cases have been reported when public money collected from citizens through taxes and fees along with money from international funds or investments has been spent in inappropriate ways. Sometimes, this is due to negligence and other times to incompetence, but we often also encounter cases of corruption.

To cover the situation in a balanced manner, this book includes cases from different levels of public administration in the Republic of Moldova and from different regions of the country. In total, we present eight independent investigative reports covering the installation of bio- mass power plants in public institutions, fictitious employment in state institutions, non-compliant distribution of public housing, and other topics of public interest.

This year, we further focus on elucidating fraud in the use of funds from international donors. Although the procedures for spending and verifying such resources are stricter than national ones, there is still abuse in the use of funds provided by our partners who invest in the development of our country.

THE BLACK BLOOK provides truthful information about how public money—Moldovan citizens’ money—is used. In a democratic state governed by the rule of law, representatives of public institutions are responsible for the transparent and efficient use of such resources through which they gain the trust of the people who pay taxes.

Working with the organizations and investigative journalists in- volved, we will continue to report annually on the most flagrant cases and examples of unjustified spending of public money and to present information on the efficiency of their use. This effort, however, requires the active participation of all citizens.
In this latest edition, thanks to the QR codes you will be able to access video versions of some of the investigations as well as their full texts published on the media platforms for which the journalists invol- ved in the project work.

Project Coordinator Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Romania and Republic of Moldova Office

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